onsdag 31. desember 2008

My New Year's Resolution

- Stop smoking
- Study harder
- Save money
- Do what i've been told to do
- Clean more
- Be more Healthier
- Keep making poems/quotes
- Keep on wrighting here in blogspot


New Start For A Better Change

Happy New Year Folks.
A start for a better change or someting.
I've decided that i'm gonna stop smoking,
starting on January the 1st. So wish me good luck :]

So many things that's gonna happen this year like:
- My beerday, 22nd of January
- Prome, February
- Confirmation, 19th of April
- Exams xO
- Maybe travle to the Philippines? Who knows :]
- Start on a new school.
- New friendships.

Will see how this year starts-ends.
Wishing you all a happy new year peepz.

- Love.<3

tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Waist Of Money

It makes me mad that some people from the USA says that it's hard to help people in need. So tell me, why the hell do they help people from extrem makeover? Why give them the help?
So what if their home has a tiny accident or if they have a "special" sickness that maybe some other people does have to. I can't believe this.
When there are so many people in need and doesn't have a great home to live i. Why help them who allready got a home, a job or whatever.
Why help them? And why not the poor people?
That fucking extrem makeover makes me SICK!

mandag 29. desember 2008

Life Is A Circle

From today our life is just a TV show
You can even get a planet for free
The whole galaxy is chilling out
And time is all you can see

søndag 28. desember 2008

This and That

Where should we start? I usually dont do this stuff, but after hearing people talking about blog, I wanted to get me one to ^^ And here I am! Typing and thinking what should i wright down.

People say that you can write down your feelings here, but that just sounds wierd x) So here I am. I think i'm gonna use this blog thingy for memories or special moments or something.
Who knows.

Well, should I say more about me..
Uhm..Well i'm 15 turing 16 january 2009...Born & live here in Norway, but i'm originally from the Philippines. So i'm a true YellowFellow. Nothing much to say now. So yeah..