onsdag 25. februar 2009

One-year-old girl is pregnant

A one-year-old young girl from Saudi Arabia has been confirmed as pregnant.
When the mother of this kid was pregnant, she had two babies in them, but one of the babies grew inside of the other.
This is why the girl who is now a year old have a baby in the womb.
One so-called "fetus in fetus" occurs when the two twins will grow in the pregnancies of their mother. One embryo will grow in its twin uterus.
This unusual event occurs only in 1 of 500,000 births.
This little child has thus not been a victim of violence or rape from older

dead children in her stomach in 60 years.

Huong Yijun from China have been pregnant since 1948. 92-year-old Huong went to the doctor one day and complained for stomach pain. It turned out that she had had a small baby in her stomach since she was pregnant for 60 years ago.
When she became pregnant in 1948 with a dead baby in her pregnancy, and doctors called for about 700 Norwegian kroner to remove the embryo.
She said no thanks to that, since it cost too much money, and the embryo has been in her stomach since that time.
- I never thought my own eyes when I saw on the scanner that she had an unborn child in the stomach, says Dr. Liu Anbin at the hospital in Qingshen.
Normally, a dead embryo rottened.

søndag 1. februar 2009


I just can't wait any longer!
22nd of February nan d2 na c Xhan :D
Exited nga ako eh. I've been missing you so much,
tpos ngayon, nalaman ko, that your finally gonna come here to Norway :D
FINALLY not that bored anymore.

Dream of escape

Have you ever had it like that? I have, the idea of just sticking to one of the other country. Drop all worries, stress, the people, and pain in the air here. Travel to a country all alone, just be gone for a while, 1 month, 2 months without anyone knowing where you are, without having contact with all at home. Be free in themselves and live life. Of course it is not a solution to escape from problems, but just take a little break, go home when you are completely ready for it. But there are two things that stops me. 1. I am only 16 years old and my parents would definitely called the police and had brought me home again. 2. money, I have definitely no money to cope with 1 or 2 months alone abroad. The reason that I want to run away is not because I am so sick bad, I have friends I care about and a great family and together we create great moments and memories for life. But certain situations and some pain makes me want to escape from everything for a little while.

Several times in my life i have the urge to escape far away been very large, now it is back to full, and it comes and gos one time and another time, so after being maby 3 weeks all alone in abroad I will definitely go home again to the good old Norway.

But right now I will go on indefinitely to Spain, to forget all that pushes me down right now, just take a break from my life ..